About Me

Leanne Woodfull is a 20 year old blogger and vlogger from Dublin, Ireland. She began her blogging career in 2009, after reading an article in a magazine about how blogging was going to be the "next big thing". Leanne blogs fashion, beauty and lifestyle at the pace at which it is presented to the public; her informative and meticulous writing and Youtube vlogging is indicative of the upcoming and creative minds of our generation.

Through her work Leanne has documented a varying number of topics including her experience of underbite surgery, body image and also occasionally referencing celebrity culture. She's influenced by everything from history, movies, Old Hollywood, street style and music.

Leanne's style could be summed up as neo-goth with notes of edgy glamour and 90's grunge, this is seen to translate through into her work - leaving her own unique mark on the world of styling and fashion. How would she describe her style? "Morticia Addams meets Courtney Love".

Leanne has been featured on tv, print and radio; these features include Xpose, Off The Rails, 98fm Radio, Irish Tatler, Company magazine, District MTV, Cosmopolitan magazine, KISS magazine, The Metro Herald, MTV Style and The Daily Mail Newspaper.

Leanne has collaborated and worked with companies such as 3 Network, ASOS, Urban Outfitters, Innocent Ireland, Diet Coke, More magazine, BooHoo.com, Motel Rocks, Ebay and many more over the last few years.

Recent projects include a collaboration with the Tate Modern in London at their 'Pendulum' Loud Tate event; styling visitors in theatrical costume inspired by selected works of art and having their photos taken with a professional photographer on the day. Leanne's love of history and art made this an ideal collaboration for both the gallery and blogger.

2013's awards alone include OOH LA LA's Blogger of the Year 2013 and Best Vlogger 2013, Company magazine's Highly Commended for Best Fashion Blog and Cosmopolitan magazine's Highly Commended for Best International Fashion Blog.

Leanne is currently studying Fashion Styling at LA Creative College, Dublin.
(Words by Sarah Austin - freelance Irish stylist and fashion writer at The RaGg Trade.)

I take blogging and reviewing items very seriously - my readers' trust and respect is more important to me than anything. I'm 100% honest with my reviews; regardless of whether or not a product has been sent out to me.
I mention in a blog post whether or not the product has been sent out to me for review. All gifted items/ products are marked with an asterix *.
I only review products that I genuinely would like to use/ wear and products that will hold an interest to my readers. Being informed of a product prior to sending it out is crucial; please let me know what it is in advance, especially when it comes to skincare, haircare and makeup products.